Pagewide 4500


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Product Description


  • Monochrome and color, faster than LED
  • Move projects forward—up to 12 D/A1pgs/min monochrome and color, quick 30-second first page out
  • Print, scan, copy in a single device—integrated 1200 dpi scanner with advanced and convenient workflows
  • It’s simple—a single, easy-to-use device that meets all your printing and scanning needs
  • Focus on your project, not the printer—up to 4 rolls with 100-page integrated top stacker SAVE
  • Better document quality vs LED,lower cost
  • Run at lower costs than low-volumeLED—in monochrome and color
  • Produce excellent technical documents—crisp lines, fine detail, smooth grayscales that beat LED
  • HP PageWide XL pigment ink for dark blacks, vivid colors, moisture/fade resistance—even on uncoated bond
  • Use half the energy per page compared to equivalent LED printers


  • Help meet tough IT, reliability standards
  • Protect and manage confidential jobs more securely—retrieve documents at the printer with a PIN
  • Help safeguard confidential information using a self-encrypting HDD withAES-256, Secure Disk Erase and IPSec
  • Reduce time and costs of managing individual drivers by using HP DesignJet Universal Print Driver
  • Rely on proven HP PageWide Technology for dependable production printing